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How to Decorate

How To Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

Learn about these tips and tricks to make your mountain home feel larger and more spacious with a few simple changes! 


Maximize Natural and Artificial Lighting

Lamps, chandeliers and sconces are wonderful sources of artificial light to help brighten up a space! Keep curtains pulled back and use light-colored window treatments to let light through. Mirrors are also wonderful for reflecting natural light throughout a room.



leather sectional

Declutter The Space

One of the simplest ways to create more room is to eliminate clutter! Keep your favorite pieces and the most functional ones, take out the rest! Another good tip is to stick to a few larger accent pieces & accessories instead of many small ones.


Use Vertical Lines

Using vertical lines draws the eye up and creates the illusion of a higher ceiling. You can use furniture with vertical lines, vertical artwork, floor lamps, or even floor-length curtains to create this effect!

Use Primarily Lighter Colors

Feel free to accent with bold color choices, but stick to something light and neutral on your walls and larger pieces of furniture to create an open and airy feel!

dining table