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How to Decorate

Design Your Rustic Dining

Gather & Enjoy Solid Wood Amish-Made Dining Furniture

Choose Your Slab 

When creating your uniquely crafted rustic dining table, start by picking your wood type and table top size for a custom slab. Our solid wood slabs come from maple and walnut trees filled in with richly colored epoxy, river rock, and always include a live edge. If you prefer no color fill or accent, a natural slab is beautiful and timeless. 

*We stock slab tops for custom tables, so make sure to visit us in store to see our current stock and selection. If we don't have quite the size you need, we're glad to custom order it for you.

Walnut and Epoxy River Slabs

Epoxy Options

If you're interested in an accent for your slab table, consider an colored epoxy river or a river rock accent. We have colors varying from neutral earth tones such as copper, sand or pearl to brighter colors like margarita green, ocean blue or deep red. 

Customer Favorites

  • River Rock Slab
  • Earth Blue River Slab
  • Pearl River Slab
  • Copper River Slab
epoxy board with resin color options

Choose Your Chair

From walnut to barnwood or velvet and burlap upholstery, choose a quality Amish-made chair that fits your home. Many chairs include arms and can be customized. 

Our Bestsellers

  • Austin Chair
  • Rustic Oak Chair
  • Galveston Chair with Cherry

Choose Your Base

Find a one-of-a-kind base for your table ranging from sleek metal styles to unique tree trunks. Each base is unique and can be found in our store.

Customer Favorites

  • Single Stump Base
  • Golden Gate Base
  • Stanton Metal Base


For more information about our available slabs, table base options, or our available wood and fabric options, please call 706 745 9410. 

Couple at Rustic Slab Dining Table