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How to Decorate

Design Your Bedroom

From Amish Country...To your Home. 

Four ways to make your solid wood bedrooms stand out and stay timeless.  

1. Stain and Wood Options 

Choose from cherry, elm, walnut, hickory, maple, or a variety of other woods. Make your wood stand out with a rich stain or use a white wash to brighten up your bedroom. 

2. Style Options 

We have rustic slabs customized with epoxy and river rock, log bedrooms, mountain farmhouse styles classic timeless traditional Amish bedroom sets. Make a selection from our wide variety for which style best fits your taste.   

wood slab stain options samples

3. Choose Hardware

Choose from an array of knobs and handles with different color and finish options to best complement your wood selection.

4. Make it a Suite with Custom Storage Options

Add customized nightstands, chests of drawers and dressers to your bedroom to make it a suite. Decide how much storage you'll need and we'll custom make bedroom furniture pieces to fit your needs.

custom hardware for bedroom furniture

Rest well in a mountain bedroom that you love. 

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