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Maximize Your Rental Cabin

Here are Tips and Tricks to making your guests’ stay the BEST Experience!

Tips to Receive 5 Star Reviews on YOUR Cabin Rentals!

1. A Good Night’s Sleep!

The key to a good night’s sleep is a quality mattress! A great mattress helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer by relieving pressure from your body. A bed with these capabilities gives your guests a luxurious sleep experience!

Good Nights Sleep

2. Cards and Board Games for your Guests to Enjoy!


3. Leave Local Suggestions for Guests!

Partner with local businesses that you love and want your guests to enjoy! Give them a meaningful experience through unique dining, shops, and maybe even your secret sunset spot. Recommending local businesses can help you receive more guest traffic as well!

Cabin Coffee Co

4. Choose Durable Leather!

Leather is much easier to maintain than other materials; it has natural strength that makes it very durable and easy to clean! Keep your guests comfortable while ensuring easy upkeep for yourself!

Durable Leather

5. Have a Guestbook Where families Leave their Stories and Reviews!

A guestbook is perfect to personalize your guest's experience in your cabin. Guests documenting their time spent in a place creates a sense of nostalgia for them and for future guests to read! In addition, it can help you give recommendations, and know what your guests loved or didn't enjoy for future reference!

Guest book