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How to Decorate

Prepare Your Blue Ridge Mountain Home for Fall

Getting Ready for Autumn in the Mountains

The leaves will start to change, the evening air will soon gain a certain familiar crispness, and you know it’s about to be the season you’ve been waiting for! Fall in our Blue Ridge Mountain range is just electric! Great weather, amazing mountain views, and memorable times with friends and family make it an incredible time of year.

You may be a huge lover of Fall, yet always struggle when it comes to decorating your rustic home for the season. We think everyone deserves to love their home and enjoy their space, that’s why we created an easy-to-follow list of tips to make your Blue Ridge Mountain home perfectly prepared for this Fall season!

blairsville home in the blue ridge mountains rustic furniture

Bring in the Right Colors

One of the biggest tricks to create a perfect space for Fall is choosing the right color scheme. A mix of warm tones such as orange, red, yellow, brown, and taupe is just right. Use cooler earth greens or blues to help balance the space with some natural flair.

Burnt Oranges

Burnt orange reflects the color of the changing leaves outside. This color is welcoming, warm, and easily found in Blue Ridge and Blairsville’s leaf changes in the Fall. Bring burnt orange tones into your home through throw pillows, rugs, or floral accents for the Fall season.

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orange pillows fall decor blue ridge mountains near me

Rusty Reds

Red is another color that reflects the changing seasons. Red is also associated with energy, movement, and life. Reds can be brought into your space through blanket throws, lamps, vases, artwork, or bedding. Adding a hint of rusty reds to your home will make it reflect the Autumn spirit or changed leaves and new life.

bear bedding rustic blue ridge mountain furniture near me
red throw blanket rustic blue ridge mountain home near me

Earthy Greens

To add some contrast, try using some earthy greens in your Fall décor. The easiest and most simple and natural way to do this is with plants and greenery. Earthy greens add life and an organic twist to your space, really making it feel like you’ve brought the great outdoors inside! You can also add green accents through pottery, artwork with natural landscapes, or throw pillows.

Brown Tones

Browns add warmth and create a clean look. Many rustic homes in Blue Ridge and Blairsville will already have lots of brown in them if they are wooden cabins, lodges, or homes. The key is to diversify your brown tones and have them reflect the changes leaves outside. Easy ways to add brown to your space is through décor and natural materials such as brown leather and brown woods.

blue ridge mountain rustic furniture near me
brown lamp blairsville rustic furniture near me

Add Natural Elements

Using nature as a guiding theme, add in pieces that reflect the great outdoors. Think of leaves, trees, dried fruits, antler elements, woodland creatures, etc. Bringing in décor that reflects these elements creates a natural and organic look and feel for your space. Living in the Blue Ridge mountains offers plenty of elements of nature to draw inspiration from!

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Incorporate Natural Wood Pieces

Wooden pieces add an authentic earthy feel to your room. You likely already have solid wood furniture, which helps aid that natural look. Consider keeping unique décor you use during the Fall that creates an even more unique and organic look. This could include slab end tables for the living room, wooden lamps, wooden chandeliers that get changed out for the season, or even wooden bowls. Natural wood pieces will warm your space up and create a soft space, perfect for Fall.

blue ridge wood slab table furniture
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Conclusion - Simple Tips for Fall Décor

If you’re living in Blue Ridge or Blairsville, you know the importance of a home that reflects the beautiful outdoor during the Fall. Don’t feel stressed when it comes to decorating seasonally, if you follow the above tips you will create a unique mountain home for you and your family to enjoy each year!

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