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What Does It Look Like Communicating With the Amish?

Communicating With the Amish

After over 15 years of going to shows across the United States hunting for the most durable furniture with innovative designs, we have found that the Amish create the most unique and quality furniture. The time and attention-to-detail given to these pieces is unmatched; and we are able to proudly support products and businesses made in the USA.

How We Created Deep Relationships with the Amish

The Amish lifestyle is a strong influence in why these products are so beautiful and made to last. Striving for excellence and pursuing a strong work ethic, our furniture here at Mountain Top is a reflection of that. Working and communicating with the Amish since 2006 has been a unique experience.

Our owners visit Amish country every few months and have developed relationships with our vendors and learn about their products. Because of these intimate and lasting friendships, we are able to hand select our own slabs for most projects and make special requests for innovative one-of-a-kind custom work that you won’t find anywhere else.

amish tools
slabs in amish shop

Difficulties of Communication

While the advantages of Amish handcrafted quality are countless, one sacrifice we make when purchasing Amish furniture is accepting that communication will happen less frequently and will never be available on demand.

Sometimes We Have to Use Snail Mail

Because they pursue a lifestyle free of distractions including modern technologies and full of simplicity and excellence in pursuing their faith, communication often looks like snail mail, and on a lucky day a fax or a phone call.

Amish communities follow the rules of the church they are a part of. Some churches allow the use of a community pay phone once daily or weekly while others communicate strictly by mail. They strive to use very little electricity and have limited communication to the outside world.

While this allows them to create stellar products and hone their craft like no other, it does mean that we may not always know the exact time of arrival on all of our orders or have frequent updates on the production time and changes that are made to products, unlike other companies in our industry where things are produced in large facilities with offices and receptionists to provide regular communication.

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Amish warehouse


The Distant Communication is Worth the Quality Furniture

Nevertheless, this is a sacrifice we are willing to accept in order to continue to provide you with the most high quality solid wood furniture you can get in the USA. We appreciate the opportunity to shed some light on this aspect of our business and we are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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